B  E  N  J  A  M  I  N       S  A  U  Z  E  R  E  A  U

GUITAR PLAYER                            COMPOSER

These days:

Easy Pieces is a trio with maestros Hendrik Lasure (SCHNTZL) and Dorian Dumont (ECHT!). Our record is now out, and you can check out the song below for a starter, or get the record HERE.

You can order Les Chroniques de l’Inutile’s record « L’occurrence » HERE

A video for my solo

A video for « Le grand partir ». Looking forward for the release of our EP in May!

A live version of « l’allusion », a tune from FUR’s album out in february.

We performed with MUSIQUES NOUVELLES, organised by BOZAR on november 12th,  compositions by Marc Marder, Stephane Orlando, Bo Van Der Werf and myself commissioned by ARS MUSICA. Here is the performance:

If you wish to listen to official releases, the best is to go through the pages « Bands » of this site, or to « Discography ». But if you want to have a listen at works on progress, live moments, miscelaneous things captured with any sort of sound quality, you might feel like have a listen at this new soundcloud page:  https://soundcloud.com/sauzereau

Qb is the duo with fellow guitar player Quentin Stokart, and « Rond » is the name of our second record, recently released on ~suite. The album: http://suitethelabel.com/suite06.html#discography  Some youtube presence:

Film maker Alix Aminian created a clip for the song « The flight », of EASY PIECES ‘s record « 16 »

We recorded the DUO with Ananta Roosens. Some more news soon!