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These days:


DEAR UNCLE LENNIE is happy to release its album on wonderful label YOLK RECORDS. come and catch the trio on our November dates all around belgium.

Easy Pieces is a trio with maestros Hendrik Lasure (SCHNTZL) and Dorian Dumont (ECHT!). Our record is now out, and you can check out the song below for a starter, or get the record HERE.

You can order Les Chroniques de l’Inutile’s record « L’occurrence » HERE

A video for my solo

A video for « Le grand partir ». Looking forward for the release of our EP in May!

If you wish to listen to official releases, the best is to go through the pages « Bands » of this site, or to « Discography ». But if you want to have a listen at works on progress, live moments, miscelaneous things captured with any sort of sound quality, you might feel like have a listen at this new soundcloud page:  https://soundcloud.com/sauzereau

Film maker Alix Aminian created a clip for the song « The flight », of EASY PIECES ‘s record « 16 »