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Les Chroniques de l’Inutile


Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar  Pierre Bernard: flute  Erik Bogaerts:Alto sax  Gregor Siedl: Tenor sax  Eric Bribosia: Fender rhodes  Lennart Heyndels: Bass  Jens Bouttery: Drums, things, electronics

Les Chroniques de l’Inutile, playing compositions by its guitar player Benjamin Sauzereau, explores the border between written music and the freedom of improvisation. The band has released two records: « Virgule », and « L’occurrence ».

Easy Pieces


Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar  Hendrik lasure: keyboards  Dorian Dumont: piano

EASY PIECES is a trio that explores the combination of acoustic and amplified sounds, by playing original compositions written for the unusual instrumentation of acoustic piano, keyboards, and guitar. Their first record « 16 » is now out! Wide soundscapes, carefully crafted melodies, small and refined instrumental pieces with an improvised dimension that suggest real-life stories but always leave enough space for the listener to wander.



A simple guitar solo: instrumental pieces, written and half improvised musical haikus somewhere between Arvo Part, Duke Ellington, The White Stripes and Nino Rota. One record released.

Sauzereau/Roosens duo

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar  Ananta Roosens: Violin

This duet aims to explore what two musicians can do better then three. Original music only, simple, deceivingly intimistic, written for this instrumentation and these musicians, looking for the mistake, and the surprising beauty of what we may always have seen but never looked at.

the label ~suite

~suite is a Brussels based label for music creations for drummer Jens Bouttery and guitarist Benjamin Sauzereau. Four records are now available.

Philémon, le chien qui ne voulait pas grandir


Mathieu Robert: Soprano sax, composititions  Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar, compositions  Dorian Dumont: Piano  Benoit Leseure: Violin  Nicole Miller: Viola  Annemie Osborne: Cello

« Philémon, le chien qui ne voulait pas grandir » was the name of the band, and of their only record. It’s a collection of poetic instrumental songs by Mathieu Robert and Benjamin Sauzereau exploring the expressive potential of an unusual instrumentation, and the pleasures of accoustic sounds.