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A trio born out of coincidences, but that developped with a delightful obviousness. Music by all members of the band.

Hélène Duret: clarinet

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Maxime Rouayroux: drums

Le Bal de Marie-Galante


Marie-Galante invites you to feel the tropical vibe with some of the greatest retro Caribbean hits. Sway your hips to the accents of mazurkas as well as to the frenzied rythms of Haitian Kompas and Biguine. Sing along with the hymn of the legendary football team « jeunesse Vauclin », embrace your beloved Doudou and dance till the end of the night!

Hélène Duret: Clarinet

Léo Rathier: guitar

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Jordi Cassagne: bass

Théo Lanau: drums

We Were The Future


Choreographer Meytal Blanaru’s dance show about memory, a creation for 3 dancers and a musician.

Meytal Blanaru: Dance, Choreography

Gabriela Cecena: Dance

Ido Batash: Dance

Benjamin Sauzereau: Live music

Le Grand Partir

Théo Lanau’s music, energizing, sensitive and joyful. EP out in May 2022

Théo Lanau: Drums, composition

Sam Comerford: tenor sax, clarinet

Léo Rathier: guitar

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar



Helene Duret’s music. 2nd album coming in 2022

Helene Duret: clarinet

Sylvain Debaisieux: tenor sax

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Fil Caporali: doublebass

Maxime Rouayroux: drums


Jordi Cassagne’s quite unique music, devious and slightly experimental rock

Jordi Cassagne: bass, compositions

Kobe Dupont: vocals, guitar

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Camille Alban Spreng: Keyboards

Théo Lanau: Drums

Bruno Vansina’s quintet 12

Bruno’s exploration of 12 outdoor venues to make music in and about. Decors, images projected behind us, and his very unique energy on stage.

Bruno Vansina: alt sax, keyboards

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Cyrille Obermuller: bass

Falk Schrawen: percussions

Teun Verbruggen: Drums

Kim Vreys: images

Roel Snellebrand: sound