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Book of Air

A series of bundled compositions by Stijn and Bert Cools exploring each time specific musical parameters closely related to sound, frequency and time. How is the perception of sound influenced by time? What happens when we slow down time, stretch time, and so use time as a microscope to zoom in on sound? How do we relate to time in music as improvising and performing musicians? There are currently two projects in Book of Air: fieldtone and vvolk, and three records are available.


Stijn Cools: drums

Bert Cools: guitar

Indre Jurgeleviciute: kankles

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Nathan Wouters: double bass



Stijn Cools: drums

Sep François: vibraphone and percussion

Hendrik Vanattenhoven

Nathan Wouers: double bass

Laurens Smet: electric bass and double bass

Bert Cools, Ruben Machtelinckx, Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Niels Van Heertum: Euphonium

Viktor Perdieus, Thomas Jillings: tenor sax

Erik Bogaerts, Frans Van Isacker: Alto sax

Stefan Bracaval: Flute

Indre Jurgeleviciute: Kankles

Fruz Tonteling: Harmonium

Wout Gooris: Rhodes



A trio born out of coincidences, but that developped with a delightful obviousness. Music by the members of the band.

Hélène Duret: clarinet

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Maxime Rouayroux: drums


Le Bal de Marie-Galante








Marie-Galante invites you to feel the tropical vibe with some of the greatest retro Caribbean hits. Sway your hips to the accents of mazurkas as well as to the frenzied rythms of Haitian Kompas and Biguine. Sing along with the hymn of the legendary football team « jeunesse Vauclin », embrace your beloved Doudou and dance till the end of the night!

Hélène Duret: Clarinet

Léo Rathier: guitar

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Jordi Cassagne: bass

Théo Lanau: drums

We Were The Future


Choreographer Meytal Blanaru’s dance show about memory, a creation for 3 dancers and a musician.

Meytal Blanaru: Dance, Choreography

Gabriela Cecena: Dance

Ido Batash: Dance

Benjamin Sauzereau: Live music



Helene Duret’s music. Album release in June 2019

Helene Duret: clarinet

Sylvain Debaisieux: tenor sax

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Fil Caporali: doublebass

Maxime Rouayroux: drums



warm bad


A band around Hendrik Lasure’s compositions, tons of strings, direct, at times in the no man’s land between harmony and dissonance, but often comforting like the warm bath you take in a beautiful candle lit colored bathroom.

Hendrik Lasure: piano

Sam Comeford: tenor sax

Marco Giongrandi: guitar

Vitja Pauwels: guitar

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Soet Kempeneer: electric bass

Casper Van De Velde: drums


Jordi Cassagne’s quite unique music, devious and slightly experimental pop

Jordi Cassagne: bass, compositions

Kobe Dupont: vocals, guitar

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Camille Alban Spreng: Keyboards

Théo Lanau: Drums


Jens Maurits Orchestra

Co-led by drummer and composer Jens Bouttery and film maker Daan Milius, the band is a musical translation of their researches on nothing less then:

the idea of satisfaction in Art and Life

the reason for the existence of music

two records are available. Lately the band has included:

Jens Bouttery: Drums

Daan Milius: dramaturgie, filming

Dorian Dumont: Piano

Lukas kramer: installation « la Bestia » (tape loop machine)

Niels Van Heertum: euphonium, trumpet

Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar

Rik Sturtewagen: violin

Lennart Heyndels: cello

Joris Lindemans: doublebass

Doug Eynon: story telling