B  E  N  J  A  M  I  N       S  A  U  Z  E  R  E  A  U

GUITAR PLAYER                            COMPOSER


These days:

We recorded with Ananta Roosens. Some more news soon!



If you wish to listen to official releases, the best is to go through the pages « Bands » of this site, or to « Discography ». But if you want to have a listen at works on progress, live moments, miscelaneous things captured with any sort of sound quality, you might feel like have a listen at this new soundcloud page:  https://soundcloud.com/sauzereau


The solo record is out! It’s the 5th release on the label ~suite.

listen here: benjaminsauzereau.bandcamp.com 

Here is a brand new clip:


The record of Easy Pieces (the trio with piano player Dorian Dumont and piano and keboard player Hendrik lasure) has been mixed by Jens Boutery. Looking forward for the mastering and the release. Meanwhile have a look at this live concert:



A new teaser for Marie Galante’s joyful dance music: